4th November 2006
Sky is terrified on Monday that Karl has opened his
mouth about Stingray being the father of her baby. Her
fears are unfounded, but her heartache returns when
Dylan arriveswith some heartbreaking news.
No secret is ever safe for long, and on Tuesday
Izzy blares out Paul’s in a jealous rage.

21st October 2006
Does Susan have a self-destruct button? Why else would
she keep jeopardising her relationship with Karl? On
Monday he is furious that she has risked both a
professional and personal disaster on his side, by
posting the letter to Stingray. He manages to retrieve
it, but inadvertently makes Janelle think that he has
feelings for her.
There is bad news on the relationship front for
Izzy, too, on Thursday, when he rejects what he sees
as her self-degrading neediness; on Friday, when he
fails to prove his love for her yet again, she
reluctantly moves out.
There is better news for Max and Katya as they grow
closer in the aftermath of the accident. He even
agrees to join her in learning Tibetan. Whatever
happened to the days when people bonded over a barbie
and a lorryload of Castlemaine XXXX?

14th October 2006
Oh, no, here we go again. Karl and Susan took aeons to
get back together, then had to put everything on hold
because her ex’s kids were kicking up. On Thursday,
when Rachel discovers that the relationship is not
completely over, she sees red, resulting in Susan
insisting that it really is. On Friday, in a ploy to
make Stingray break up with Rachel, Susan writes a
letter telling him that she knows he is the father of
Sky’s baby. Good grief: Stingray and Sky. What will
they call the baby? Troy Tempest Junior?

7th October 2006
It is clear on Wednesday that Paul has no intention of
making a firm commitment either to Izzy or Gail, and
Elle comes to the startling conclusion that he
actually wants both of them. Not only that, he is also
encouraging Lyn’s crush on him.
Karl and Susan put their relationship on the back
burner (here we go again) on Thursday, when Susan
decides to put the Kinski children first.

23rd September 2006
Susan’s affair with Karl has brought all her old
insecurities to the surface, and on Monday, when she
sees him talking to two women, she is reminded of how
he broke her heart.
On Tuesday, despite Zeke’s desire that Susan stay
loyal to Alex’s memory, she declares that she wants to
go public about Karl.

16th September 2006
At last. The only story viewers are really interested
in has turned the corner: Divorced husband and wife
Karl and Susan have kissed. Everything is suddenly all
right with the world again. On Wednesday they begin a
clandestine affair, and it takes just until Friday for
questions to be asked, when Zeke has his suspicions.
They both have issues that will need to be addressed
if they are to get back together – the Kinski
children, Jenny – but there is an inevitability about
their relationship that warms the heartstrings.
On Tuesday Harold reacts badly to the news of Sky’s
pregnancy and finally snaps as Rachel and Stingray
continue their romance.
Friday sees the 5000th episode of the show, when
Rob drugs Paul and leaves him in a mine shaft. We’ve
come a long way since the days of Kylie and Jason.

9th September 2006

There are some things you can be absolutely sure of,
even after a two week holiday. One, that either Susan
or Karl will want to be back with the other; two, that
they won’t be.
Sure enough, on Tuesday Susan tries to hide her
real feelings for Karl by constantly criticising him,
hoping that this will keep her emotions in check. On
Wednesday she must choose between him and her dead
husband’s children.

19th August 2006
At this rate, Susan and Karl will be at heaven’s gate before they sort out their relationship once and for all. On Monday she opens up to Lyn about her feelings for him, but is uncertain whether they are just a means of resolving her grief for Alex. She arranges a friendly dinner to test her emotions, but any move she was planning is interrupted by Jenny. On Wednesday Lyn is thrilled, but now Susan thinks that Jenny saved her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Losing him in the first place was that, woman.

12th August 2006
They really have to sort this out. On Wednesday Susan
lets rip at Karl, accusing him of being unreliable
when he tries to attend both Jenny’s pre-selection
party and Zeke’s footy pie night. But is she just
disappointed for Zeke, or does this have more to do
with her feelings for Karl? On Friday the death of
Cassie the sheep brings them closer. Whatever turns
you on.

5th August 2006
There must be something in the air in Erinsborough
next week. On Monday Stingray and Sky find comfort in
one another (were there ever two names that deserved
each other more?), and Boyd and Janae announce their
engagement. On Tuesday Robert and Katya get even
closer. What on earth are you doing, woman? He’s
behind you!

29th July 2006
Karl just has no luck with women. On Friday it is
clear that Jenny still intends to put her career
before him. To add insult to injury, she falls asleep
during his gig. While he was hoping for a companion
with whom to spend his twilight years, she is
concentrating on her professional life.
On Tuesday Robert is continuing to plot murder
while appearing to be a knight in shining armour. At
least he doesn’t have to go to one of Karl’s gigs.

22nd July 2006
Katya is heading for trouble on Tuesday when Robert, afraid of his growing feelings for her (which he thinks might be love), decides that she must be removed. On Wednesday, believing that she is going on a romantic picnic with him, she has no idea that he intends to kill her in remote bushland. There is a romantic twist to it all after all, though, when he ends up saving her life. Let’s hope the pork pies and chilled wine don’t go to waste.

15th July 2006
The much-awaited reunion between Karl and Susan moves
even further away on Wednesday, when Karl asks Jenny
to move in with him. Susan puts a brave face on it,
but inside, she’s gutted. Well, you had your chance,
On Friday Janae is reeling from the news that Bree
is not her blood sister and insists that her parents
come clean – or she will.

8th July 2006
There’s a bit of a panic for Lou on Monday, when
Mishka, his Russian Internet bride, is heading for
Erinsborough. Having been less than honest about his
age, he is delighted to discover that she has also
lied, and it looks as if romance might be on the cards
after all.
There is a less romantic moment for Robert on
Wednesday, when Katya accuses him of being a bad
kisser. Give him a week, he’ll be excavating her

1st July 2006
Neighbours returns after Wimbledon.

17th June 2006
There is a shock in store for Kim and Janelle on
Monday, when they discover that Bree is not the
daughter of either of them (not all bad news, then).
On Tuesday it seems as if Bree might have been
accidentally switched at birth, but Kim and Janelle
never want her to discover the truth. She will.

10th June 2006
The plot thickens against Jenny, who on Thursday is so determined to pass herself off as a conservative, she announces, during a radio interview, that she is engaged to Karl. He agrees to go along with the ruse, especially when she invites him along on a freebie as her fiancé. Susan, naturally, is more than a little surprised.

3rd June 2006
Oh, dear, what did I tell you? Just as it seemed Karl was going to be moving on with his life and start dating again, along comes a problem on Wednesday that looks set to put a spanner in the works once more. Connor receives his first assignment as a PI and is surprised to discover that the target of his surveillance is none other than Karl’s new squeeze, Jenny McKenna. On Thursday, however, at a naturists’ evening, his subterfuge is exposed – in both senses.

27th May 2006
Quelle surprise. Just as Karl vowed that he was moving on with his life and putting Susan behind him, along she comes again, needing his support. On Wednesday, when she is forced to give up her fight for the Kinski kids, Karl thinks he should be there for her, but instead, he chooses to go for lunch with Jenny. Could this really, really, signal a new beginning?
  Izzy is up to her old tricks again on Friday, justifying her sleeping with Ned on the grounds that it was only to help Paul, who, incredibly, forgives her. Is there anyone she hasn’t had?

8th April 2006
Harold’s guilty conscience is pricked on Tuesday, when
Paul tells him that he briefly suspected that Harold
was his tormentor. When Harold confesses on Wednesday,
Paul vows to turn him into the police, but then
decides not to press charges. Izzy, however, is less
forgiving and predicts that the matter is far from
resolved. On Thursday she insists that Paul wrench his
power back from Harold, or he will lose Lassiter’s,
his dignity – and her. Not all bad news, then.

1st April 2006
Karl is the only desirable man in Erinsborough, so it
is small wonder that every woman wants to sleep with
him. On Wednesday Max hints to Kim that Karl might
have slept with Janelle, but on Thursday, in
flashback, we discover that nothing actually occurred.
I can’t imagine that any woman in her right mind would
pass up that opportunity.

25th March 2006
There is more illness in the air on Monday, when,
after breaking into the surgery and examining records,
Janae  worries that she may have caught a deadly
disease from Mike and in turn infected Boyd. On
Wednesday Karl thinks it is Boyd who has passed on the
information about Mike, and Janae is forced to confess
to the burglary.
   There is illness on Thursday, too, with Paul
struggling to keep his agoraphobia at bay. Feeling
vulnerable, his masculinity is threatened by Ned, whom
he later accuses of being the stalker before ordering
him out of the house.

18th March 2006
Alex is barely cold in his grave, and already (as I
predicted) Karl is worming his way back into Susan’s
affections. On Monday Katya questions his motives
relating to Alex’s treatment, and suspects that he
might have been negligent.
   On Thursday Harold decides to leave Erinsborough to
“find himself” again. Don’t give up the day job.

11th March 2006
Harold has been through some tough things in his time;
he has been pushed to the edge so often, the local
lemmings have asked him to be their president.
   On Monday, struggling to keep his grief in check,
he begs God for a sign. He thinks his prayers have
been answered when he finds a letter written by David,
saying that the world would be a better place without
Paul in it. So what does Harold do? Rush round there
and try to strangle Paul to death. Now that’s what I
call over-reaction. The bad news on Tuesday is that
Paul is still alive.

4th March 2006
It’s a heavy week in Ramsay Street. Not only is it
Christmas, but Alex is dying, and on Wednesday he
marries Susan. As honeymoon periods go, it’s a very
short one, and later that day, Alex dies in Susan’s
arms. On Thursday it breaks Karl’s heart to see her so
distressed, but doubtless he will be pursuing her
again before the last pine needles have fallen from
the tree.
   There is real Christmas cheer at the Timminses on
Friday, when they are surprised by the arrival of a
very large present – Dylan and Stingray, whose
sentences have been overturned.


25th February 2006
How will Karl be able to keep the smirk off his face
when, on Monday, he agrees to go to Alex’s bucks’ do,
only to find that his love rival’s illness has
returned? On Friday Karl confirms that Alex has little
time left and encourages him to reveal all to his
children, even though Christmas and the wedding is
looming. Susan puts on a brave face and vows devotion
and support.

18th February 2006
Alex seems to keep an awful lot of things from Susan,
and on Monday he drops another bombshell when he
reveals that he has another daughter – Katya, who went
off the rails and became estranged from the family,
following the death of her mother. On Tuesday she also
has to contend with Karl telling her that he cannot
maintain a friendship if he is to move on with his
life. Just go to the pub by yourself, Susan. It’s a
lot less hassle.

11th February 2006
Joe and Lyn’s engagement is not going down well on
Monday, and although Steph has swallowed any
misgivings she had, Sky is less accepting and suspects
that Joe has merely caved in to Lyn’s demands to keep
the peace. She challenges him to be honest with Lyn,
and on Tuesday the couple confess their respective
   On Friday Jenny recognises that Karl is still hung
up on his ex-wife. You don’t say

4th February 2006
There are sinister notes for both Susan and Izzy on
Monday, which make the pair examine their respective
pasts. To be honest, that could take some time. Susan
is unaware that it is a student with a grudge against
   On Friday it’s the Bishops’ memorial service, which
brings Joe and Lyn closer together, and he takes the
opportunity to propose. Talk about picking your
    There is also good news for Karl, when he meets a
lively, attractive woman called Jenny on his first
Internet-Matchmaker date and discovers that they have
many common interests. Given that Karl’s only real
interest is Susan, I’m not optimistic.

28th January 2006
So, another tragedy, another clean-out, but onwards
and upwards (or not, in the case of the plane).

   Now we can get back to the only thing we really
care about: Karl, who on Wednesday discovers internet
dating, where he quickly finds himself a hot property
(that would be my 3,000 hits, then). On Friday Joe and
Max help him chose a woman and he goes ahead and fixes
up a meeting (Don’t worry, Karl; I’ll be there). He is
embarrassed when Susan finds out what he is doing, but
is genuinely glad for him. Yeah, right. I can spot
your game a mile off, lady.

21st January 2006
The Izzy/Paul/Karl triangle gathers pace again in the
wake of the plane crash, and on Monday Karl goads Paul
with the fact that Izzy called him when she thought
she was going to die. On Friday, though, when she
admits that her frantic declaration of love for Karl
was genuine, joy turns to horror when he says he would
never take her back. So, it’s a return to the
previously rejected Paul. Again.

14th January 2005
Now that her attraction to Alex has been reignited,Susan resumes her relationship with him on Monday, but only after Karl has told her to stop over-analysing everything. Isn't it a bit late for that? He'll certainly have his own analysing to do on Thursday when, after Wednesday's plane explosion, he fears thatSusan might be dead.

On Friday the residents of Erinsborough learn of the fatalities, but everything is not quite as it seems. Now there's a surprise. With Connor and Dylan realising that they are both facing jail, what better solution than to use the crash to make everyone think that they perished at sea. Alex, too, is alive and well, and in Launceston Hospital.

Not your time just yet, mate.

31st December 2005
After much agonising, Karl breaks his oath on Tuesday to tell Susan that Alex is dying - and a Happy New Year to you too, mate. It gets worse. Alex then tells her that the only reason he proposed in the first place was so that his children would have a mother after his death. Talk about all your eggs breaking in one basket at the same time. On Thursday she therefore calls off the engagement.

On Friday the penny drops for Izzy, when she realises that Elle has been poisoning her food. Up the dosage, I say.

24th December 2005
Karl is still pushing Alex to be honest about his condition on Monday, and when Alex finally admits the truth to himself, he begs Karl for more time. Not only does he not want his family to know, he does not want to risk losing Susan. Talk about bad luck with men. She broke up with Karl, fell for a priest, and now has a dying man on her hands. On Thursday Karl decides to break the Hippocratic Oath to tell his ex the truth. Surely, surely, they will be getting back together now. The suspense is killing me.

10th December 2005
There is bad news for Connor on Monday, when he receives an urgent phonecall from Lori: Maddy has to have an urgent ear operation and it will cost $50,000. Good grief! What is she having? A new set from Dumbo?    

There is tension between Paul and Izzy on Friday, when Elle stirs up more trouble by drawing attention to Izzy's instability. Surely the greatest evidence of her instability was getting together with Paul. Matters are not helped, however, when Elle discovers that her affection for Ned is unreciprocated, because he . . . Yes, fancies Izzy. Is there anyone in Erinsborough who doesn't?

3rd December 2005
Here we go again. On Monday Paul and Izzy embark on a new chapter when he tells her that he loves her and just wants to see her get healthy. It might be a long haul, because on Thursday, off her pills and suffering from withdrawal symptoms, she is a mess. Paul helps her through it, and on Friday, having broken through the barriers that Paul has been putting up, they make love. It finally seems as if their lives are on track, until Paul's daughter, Elle, arrives in town.

Naturally, the two women hate each other on sight.

26th November 2005
Izzy is slowly turning into a complete psycho, and on Wednesday turns her evil intentions towards Steph. Max and Steph face financial ruin by offering to buy Izzy out of the bar, and when she sees how desperate they are to get rid of her, she knocks Steph off a stool. Okay, we're not in Anthony Perkins territory just yet, but it's a start. On Thursday her strange behaviour is explained, when Paul discovers her stash of pills. When he tips them down the drain, she pushes him too, and he falls.

On Wednesday it looks as if Susan is one step closer to getting over Karl, when Alex declares his love for her.